We are Brewgooder - the beer brand and social enterprise on a mission to bring 1 million people clean drinking water. We use 100% of profits from our award winning craft beer to fund water and sanitation projects in developing countries. Since 2016, we've been able to fund over 130 different projects throughout rural Malawi, providing consistent safe water to over 65,000 people.

Our mantra 'Madzi Ndi Moyo' translates from Chichewa as 'Water is Life'. This was adopted following a visit to several of our funded projects in Malawi where we witnessed firsthand the profound impact clean water access had made in accelerating the development of communities and improving the outlook for thousands of people living there. Clean drinking water is integral to the health of the nation, and thanks to drinkers of our beer across Scotland and beyond, over 65,000 people throughout Malawi now have the opportunity to live a life that is about more than just surviving.

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