Membership of the Scotland Malawi Partnership is open to anyone based in Scotland who has a link with, or interest in, Malawi.

Anyone can join - churches, schools, hospitals, NGOs, businesses, politicians, the diaspora, individuals, community groups & young people.

All we ask is that you agree to our core values and principles and are based, or work, in Scotland.

Read our partnership principles or find out more about our members.

If you are based in Malawi and are involved in a link with Scotland, join our sister network the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP).

Why join the SMP?

We have over 1,300 member organisations and key individuals, including half Scotland's local authorities, every Scottish university and most of its colleges, 250 primary and secondary schools, dozens of different churches and faith-based groups, hospitals, businesses, charities and NGOs, and a wide range of grass-root community-based organisations.

We exist to inspire the people and organisations of Scotland to be involved with Malawi in an informed, coordinated and effective way for the benefit of both nations.

Benefits of joining the SMP include;

  • Free profiling of your work and links to Malawi on our website
  • Access to free networking and training events specific to working in Malawi
  • Free weekly bulletin that outlines key news from Malawi, funding opportunities and events
  • Access to our staff team with experience of working in Malawi and strong links to civil society and government in Malawi.

Read 18 Brilliant Benefits of SMP Membership here.

How to get started

Select your membership category below and fill in a few details on our online form.

If you have any questions about membership please email our Administration and Membership Officer, Dorothea Nelson.

The costs are as follows, but please do not send payment for membership fees until your application has been approved.

  • Individual - £20 per annum
  • Organisation (annual income under £20k) - £40 per annum
  • Organisation (annual income £20k-£100k) - £75 per annum
  • Organisation (annual income £100k-£500k) - £120 per annum
  • Organisation (annual income £500k-£1m) - £180 per annum
  • Organisation (annual income £1m-£5m) - £260 per annum
  • Organisation (annual income over £5m) - £350 per annum

(Youth members under 18 will not have their details published on the SMP website, however they will be able to access all other youth services available.)