People to People Podcast: Exploring Scotland and Malawi's unique partnership through People to People conversations

Hosted and produced by Chimzy Dorey and Hazel Darwin-Clements.

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We challenged two hugely inspiring women, Hazel and Chimzy, to work together (their own Scotland-Malawi partnership, in microcosm!) to explore the bilateral relationship through dozens of chats with other Malawians and Scots.

We encourage members, partners, and -really- EVERYONE to follow their amazing ‘People to People Podcast’, which shares voices from across both nations and digs down into what the people-to-people and nation-to-nation friendship means in 2021.

Their words are theirs: speaking independently of the SMP, exploring the themes how they want to and giving voice to whom they choose. It’s not to be missed: it’ll make you laugh, cry and learn!

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Episode One: People and Past

We begin this series with a look at the significant historical moments in the relationship between Scotland and Malawi. Hosts Chimzy and Hazel introduce the series and bring everyone up to speed with how Scotland and Malawi have become entwined through people to people connections over several generations.

In this episode we're speaking with the Lost History Foundation in Malawi, Scotland's former First Minister Jack McConnell, Malawian Comedian and Britain's Got Talent Finalist Daliso Chaponda, Mariot Dallas from the Mamie Martin Fund and Malawian performer Sharmilla Elias.

We talk about chieftaincies, David Livingstone, the Chilembwe uprising, signing of the Scotland-Malawi co-operation agreement in 2005 and the Commonwealth Games.

Episode One Lord Jack Mc Connell and Daliso Chaponda Twitter 1
Episode Two: People and Parity

The second episode in this podcast series about the unique relationship between Scotland and Malawi, exploring what partnership really means.

Hazel and Chimzy chat with comedian Daliso Chaponda, members of the Malawi and Scotland Partnership Andrew Namakhoma and Linda Dembo, Scot settled in Malawi Reverand Kenneth Ross, and Widlife and Environmental Society of Malawi volunteer Lindsey MacDonald.

Can a partnership ever be equal when one country is so rich and another so poor?

Kenneth Ross- “The way the global economy is slanted, it tends to be that the power and resources are in the global north. Anyone who is responding from the global south just has to dance to the tune, that is set by their all-powerful partner”

Andrew Namakhoma- “The challenge that I normally see is that we only look at money as the only valuable thing that people have”

Episode Two Andrew Namakhoma and Kenneth Ross
Episode Three: People and Purpose

The third episode in this series about the unique relationship between Scotland and Malawi. Unafraid of approaching any conversation Chimzy and Hazel think about the motivation behind Scottish and Malawian partnerships.

We talk about water pumps, tourism, Trade not Aid, community minded social enterprises and Coco Pina. We speak with Professor Robert Kalin from the University of Strathclyde, Karen Chinkwita, Executive Director of Jubilee Enterprises, and Kate Webb, co-founder of Orbis Expeditions. There's music from the Wailing Brothers and a quote from Buddha.

Episode Three People and Purpose Twitter
Episode Four: People and Perspective

What does it mean to be 'Globally competent and locally relevant?' Has the media depoliticised African countries?

The fourth episode in this series about the unique relationship between Scotland and Malawi. Unafraid of approaching any conversation Chimzy and Hazel think about sharing another person's perspective.

We talk about haggis, dentistry, vegetarianism, Mental Health, decolonisation and the way that western journalism portrays the global south. We speak with Professor Mwapatsa Mipando, Principal of the College of Medicine, University of Malawi, with Cathy Ratcliff, Director of Thrive, and Laura Curtis-Moss, board member of Earth in Common. There's music by Isla Ratcliff.

Episode Four People and Perspective Twitter
Episode Five: People and Planet

The fifth episode in this series about the unique relationship between Scotland and Malawi. Chimzy and Hazel get passionate about the planet.

What is Restorative Climate Justice? What do you want to be prioritised at COP 26? How must Scotland (one of the world's biggest polluters) work with Malawi (one of the countries that will be most affected by the Climate Emergency) to mitigate the affects of Climate Change?

We talk about COP 26, food security, energy security, Climate Finance, Restorative Climate Justice, the importance of biodiversity and the which creatures would be in the 'Malawi small 5'. We include young Climate Activists Brenda Mwale and Edward Msiska, CEO of Earth in Common Evie Murray and world famous ornithologist Tiwonge Gawa. And enjoy some nature recordings by Frode Falkenberg.

Episode Five People and Planet Twitter
Episode Six: People and Privilege

What does it mean to recognise our privilege? Where's the line between something that is a human right (water, food etc.) and something that is a privilege? How does a deeper understanding of privilege become meaningful action? Why are Malawian Children still being taught in English?

We can't cover everything, this is a huge topic but we discuss guilt, white privilege, white saviours, Black Lives Matter, racism and how it all works in partnerships with Scottish and Malawian people.

We speak with 'Product of Scottish investment' Muthi Nhlema, comedian Daliso Chaponda, members of the Dunblane Boys Brigade, and there's music and conversation with Davie Luhanga aka Street Rat.

Episode Six People and Privilege Twitter
People and Pause

This week Hazel and Chimzy will be taking a pause and instead, have released this 7 minute 'minisode' to reflect on feedback and reactions from last weeks ‘People and Privilege’ episode.

"An honest, reflective conversation explaining how we are feeling this week and why we are taking a pause in publishing the planned episodes.

Sometimes we just need to take a moment to breathe, to listen and to grow.

There are no other voices in this episode besides Hazel and Chimzy, but, as ever, we do have an open door and an open mind. You're welcome to get in touch if you have an experience of the bilateral relationship between Scotland and Malawi that you'd like to share with us. Our email is peopletopeoplepod@gmail.com. We believe that everyone is qualified to speak of their own lived experience, as long as they do it respectfully and aren't unreasonably trying to speak for others. We also understand there are very good reasons why we will not hear the full range of lived experiences. However, if we are honestly and openly exploring the partnership between Scotland and Malawi we will encounter sensitive and important topics. We intend to engage with them in a thoughtful, meaningful and constructive way.

We hope to gather our strength and resume our planned episodes, with added wisdom, next week. With so many hours of conversation collected there is a great weight of responsibility on our shoulders to edit and frame and hold these conversations in a sensitive and thoughtful way. We thank everyone who is supporting us to do that.

Take care."

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Episode Seven: People and Ploughs

How do you balance economic development, with food security and caring for the environment? Why is it so important to understand where our food comes from? How do we create fair trade links between Scotland and Malawi? How are farming co-operatives working together to be more resilient faced with the impact of Climate Change?

Chimzy Dorey and Hazel Darwin-Clements talk about farming in Episode 7 of this series about the unique relationship between Scotland and Malawi. We speak with the Evie Murray (Earth in Common) Luwayo Biswick (Permaculture Paradise Institute) Mary Popple (Just Trading Scotland) Phillip Chidawati (CROPS Malawi) Susan Dalgety (author of the Spirit of Malawi) and Joyce Juma-Phiri (Fair Trade Scotland) and there's music by Lazarus.

Episode Seven People and Ploughs Twitter
Episode Eight: People and Principles

What happens when you are working in partnership with someone and you both hold different principles? Should you challenge or 'live and let live?' How do you sensitively respect other cultures, yet stand up for Human Rights?

Chimzy and Hazel hold a respectful and safe space to explore what happens when we face some of the more sensitive issues in international partnerships, including abortion rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, religion and the right of all children to love and an education.

Episode Eight People and Principles Twitter
Episode Nine: People and Pandemic

We talk teenage pregnancies, vaccine hesitancy and emergency oxygen. What is the impact of the COVID pandemic on partnerships between Scotland and Malawi? How was the emergency response organised? How has the pandemic impacted on the rate of teenage marriage and pregnancy in Malawi? What other knock on effects have we seen on vital projects? How will it impact tourism? Is there some benefit for
international partnerships in the rise of digital meetings? This episode features Mwandida Nkhoma (Senior Palliative Care Nurse in Malawi) David Hope-Jones (Chief Executive of the Scotland Malawi Partnership) Kate Webb
(Orbis Expeditions) Dr Cathy Ratcliff (EMMS International) and Habiba Osman
(Human Rights Lawyer and activist.)

The penultimate episode in this series about the unique friendships between the people of Scotland and the people of Malawi.

Episode Nine People and Pandemic
Episode Ten: People & Possibilities

The final episode in this series of The People to People Podcast.

Is the next chapter Africa's chapter? Will the Brough family stay longer in Malawi? What will become possible with the new research facility in the University of Malawi which was built in partnership with the University of Glasgow? How can women be empowered to have a career in environmentalism? How can we increase awareness and mobilise communities into action that mitigates against the effects of Climate Change?

We hear from Dr Tiwonge Gowa (Ornathologist) Gary, Jaqueline, Morven and Eilidh Brough (Scottish family living in Malawi), Dr Paul Garside (Dean for Global Engagement (Africa & Middle East) University of Glasgow), David Hope Jones (Chief Executive Scotland Malawi Partnership), Susan Dalgety (author of The Spirit of Malawi), and Andrew Namakhoma (former chair of the Malawi and Scotland Partnership).

Episode ten People and Possibilities Twitter text list
Shape the future of our work

Thanks for listening to the ‘People to People’ Podcast presented and produced by Chimzy and Hazel, supported by the Scotland Malawi Partnership and funded by the Scottish Government. We’re really keen to listen to your feedback from this series and your ideas for potential future digital work which the SMP could use to support and strengthen the civic bilateral relationship.

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About the Podcast

People to People podcast - Hosted and produced by Chimzy Dorey and Hazel Darwin-Clements

We're exploring International Partnerships by having People to People conversations. As a Scot and a Malawian, we're particularly looking at the friendship between Scotland and Malawi. We chat about climate justice, gender, equality, COVID, privilege, history, farming and the future, oh... and MANGOES! Everyone wants to tell us how good Mangoes taste in Malawi. An important and complicated conversation filled with laughter, respect and warm-hearted love.

How can you have an equal partnership when one country is so rich and the other is so poor? If we recognise our privilege- what happens next? What does Restorative Climate Justice actually mean? Can you really grow all your family needs in a quarter acre? How has the pandemic changed our partnerships? How can friendship help protect the Lillian's Lovebird?

We want to include as many people as possible in the conversation.

Email: peopletopeoplepod@gmail.com

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