Focusing on our nations’ most prevalent health issues.

All those involved in health links recognise that the solutions to many of the world's health problems are already in the world today, found and put into practice not by academics, governments and aid agencies working in isolated buildings, but by communities working to survive.

From collaborating closely on COVID-19, training health professionals in medical colleges, to facilitating the exchange of medical information between universities, and from assisting in HIV/AIDS prevention in clinics to supporting community-based medicine in the rural areas, at every stage and at every level Scots and Malawians are working together to improve health outcomes.

A partnership for global health

Working in collaboration with the NHS Scotland Global Citizenship Programme, we host a Health Forum which brings together healthcare professionals and NGOs engaged in health work, connecting with our partners in Malawi and the governments of Malawi, Scotland and the UK. All our welcome to be a part of this forum.

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