Language and cultural training

The Scotland Malawi Partnership regularly offers language and cultural training for individuals and groups going out to Malawi. These are mostly delivered by our friends in the Malawi diaspora community.

We run courses in both Chichewa (spoken across south and central Malawi) and Chitumbuka (spoken in northern Malawi). Most courses are for beginners, covering basic greetings, but we have also run intermediate courses and tailored, or one-to-one courses.

Members find it really useful to take part in courses like this as it not only helps teach them the language basics but also gives space for open and honest discussions about what to expect in your visit and points of cultural sensitivity.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, courses have been run by Zoom. Many members stepped up to our #ChichewaChallenge! Our most recent 7 week Chichewa course ran throughout April and May 2022.

Please contact to express your interest and to find out more.

You may also use the search function on our website for the latest details, search 'Chichewa' or 'Chitumbuka' or, take a look through our past and upcoming events.