Malawi at COP26

The SMP is keen to help coordinate and support Malawi’s involvement at COP26.

We want to amplify Malawi’s voice and visibility at COP26 and, in so doing, raise awareness of Scotland’s links with Malawi, support our Members’ work, and support climate justice in Malawi.

In November 2021 Glasgow will host COP(Conference of Parties)26, the 26th annual global climate change summit: one of the largest international gatherings hosted in the UK to date. There will be hundreds of different fringe events and activities beyond the formal state-led discussions, with an estimated 30,000 coming to Glasgow. It will be a busy and noisy time, and we are keen to ensure Malawi’s voice is heard.

We hope to help amplify those representing Malawi at COP26 and create a strong dialogue around the climate issues facing our two nations.

Watch this space for more information about our COP26 events and what our members are doing at COP26.

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Click here for our 'Malawi at COP26' strategy.

Malawi At COP26 4

On the 3rd October 2020 the new President of Malawi opened the SMP’s AGM. He gave three challenges to Scotland, including to “ignite a movement of climate change activists".

He went on to say "The time has come to escalate the sense of urgency among our people regarding the threats to our indispensable relationship with nature".


We are very happy to share with you here the most recently released videos in our #COP26Voices series. The series welcomes 26 young climate leaders who will share their thoughts on the climate crisis. These videos will continue to be released in the run up to #COP26.

Click here to find the full series on our YouTube page.

You may also search for #Cop26Voices on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the SMP Youth Instagram.

'Malawi at COP26' Meetings


The SMP invited our members who were keen to be involved with COP26 to join us for a meeting on the 7th February in Edinburgh. This was be a space to discuss the support the SMP can offer, share information about who is doing what, and agree a strategy for the coming months. As always, we want to be led by what would be of greatest use to our members.

At the meeting Members fed edits into the proposed SMP COP26 engagement plans and unanimously agreed a final strategy, giving a strong mandate for the Partnership to advance these plans

For meeting minutes and more, see the event page.


After the February meeting there was a hiatus while the SMP prioritised the coordination of Covid-19 responses and during this time COP26 was pushed back to Nov 2021. The SMP's next 'Malawi at COP26' meeting was in November 2021. Taking place on Zoom, key stakeholders across Malawi and Scotland came together to discuss how best Scotland can support Malawi at COP26.

The SMP's 'Malawi at COP26' strategy was updated and clear priorities were agreed for the coming weeks. There will now be regular stakeholder coordination meetings between now and COP26.

For meeting video and more, see the event page.


We were delighted to be joined by 70 organisations and key individuals for the third in our series of ‘Malawi at COP26’ stakeholder meetings. We updated stakeholders on what the SMP has done since our last (Nov) meeting and gave space for the Scottish and UK Governments to update on their COP26 plans, preparations and priorities as well as listening to Malawian and Scottish civic society.

There is strong support for working together to deliver the SMP’s ‘Malawi at COP26’ strategy. Key deliverables were agreed for the next six-week period before our next meeting.

For meeting video and more, see the event page.

Key updates on our 'Malawi at COP26' work

  • President of Malawi calls for Scotland-Malawi climate cooperation: President Lazarus Chakwera addressed the SMP’s AGM on the 3rd October and he used his keynote speech to set out three very positive ‘challenges’ for Scotland. The third of these was to: “ignite a movement of climate change activists amongst our peoples, to capture the imagination of Malawian youths.” He said:

“I am aware that Scotland is preparing to host the 26th UN climate change conference in November 2021. You can count on Malawi’s full participation … I believe the time has come to escalate the sense of urgency among our people regarding the threats to our indispensable relationship with nature. For that reason, I am eager to see this partnership between us become an example to the world of two nations approaching climate change with the sense of urgency, and in the spirit of collaboration, commensurate with the existential threat this truly is.”

  • MaSP-2050 Group Partnership: The SMP supports the excellent partnership between our sister network, the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) and the 2050 Group in Scotland. This Scottish Government funded initiative, now in its third year, inspires and support young climate leaders in Scotland and Malawi. Learn more here. See also this excellent 16 Dec Nyasa Times article.
  • Isabelle Raynor thesis on Malawi's experience at COPs: We were really interested to read Isabelle Raynor’s excellent Masters Thesis which looks back at Malawi’s experience historically at previous COPs. We think this provides really useful analysis, to inform our thinking about how best to amplify Malawi at COP26 and we are working closely with Isabelle to build on this research. See Isabelle speaking at our Nov 2020 stakeholder meeting or read her one-page summary for the SMP.
  • Scotland-Malawi event during COP26 at the Glasgow City Chambers: We are in dialogue with the Lord Provost of Edinburgh (Hon Co-President of the SMP) about a potential major reception/event in the Glasgow City Chambers to welcome the Malawi delegation to COP26 and hold the Scotland-Malawi relationship up as a model of north-south climate cooperation.
  • Scottish Parliament Malawi CPG meeting: The Malawi Cross Party Group met on the 18th November to discuss Malawi's youth climate voice. 75% of attendees to this digital meeting were from Malawi.
  • Scotland-Malawi Podcast: The SMP has commissioned a major new podcast which will be co-produced and co-presented by a Malawian and a Scot, the climate crisis and COP26 will be one of the key themes for the series of podcasts which will come out through the first half of 2021.
  • #COP26Voices project: We have launched our #COP26Voices project to amplify the voices of young Climate Leaders in Malawi. These brilliant sub 1-minute videos from young Malawians and Scots discuss what the climate crisis means to them and what they want to get out of COP26. We will continue to release a regular stream of #COP26Voices videos in the run up to COP26.
  • Scotland-Malawi Youth Festival: The ‘Scotland-Malawi Youth Festival’ will take place digitally, from the 15th to the 19th of March. It will aim to engage 200+ young people though the week in Malawi and Scotland, with the climate crisis being one of the two areas of focus. As part of this we are commissioning a Scotland-Malawi song/dance which we will use to drive youth engagement on social media platforms.
  • SMP's 'Malawi at COP26' logo: We hope that having a Malawi at COP26 logo will help bring together those representing Malawi's climate voice under one banner, amplify their voices, and show the support that exists across Scotland for our Malawian friends. Members of the SMP are welcome to use the COP26 logo, if they commit to adhering to the six agreed principles, and can download the logos below:

Member videos

We are delighted to share this excellent short video from one of our members, the Climate Challenge Programme Malawi.