Our other partners

We don't just encourage our members to connect their work with others': we do it ourselves! We have strong working relationships across the Scottish civil society. Here are just a few of our Scottish Partners:

Scotlands international dev alliance

Scotland's International Development Alliance (previously NIDOS)

We work closely with The Alliance on a day-to-day basis. Like us, they are an umbrella membership organisation, representing and supporting Scottish NGOs. The Alliance membership is limited just to NGOs but this can be NGOs operating anywhere - whereas the SMP is just for those working with Malawi but is open to individuals, community groups, NGOs, faith based groups, in fact, anyone!

Ideas logo

International Development Education Association of Scotland (IDEAS)

IDEAS are another really key membership organisation in Scotland, they bring together all Scottish NGO's delivering development education in Scottish Schools. Given the SMP is doing more and more to support Scotland-Malawi school partnerships, we really benefit from being a member of IDEAS.


Scottish Fair Trade Forum

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum was established in 2007. It supports and promotes fair trade across Scotland. The SMP is committed to fair trade and is always keen to support the essential work done by SFTF. We work especially closely with SFTF in our work around business, investment, trade and tourism.


Orbis Expeditions

Orbis Expeditions are the SMP's official travel partner over the next 3 years. They share many of the same values and ambitions to grow ethical travel and tourism between Scotland and Malawi, both to support sustainable economic development in Malawi and to strengthen the 160 year old people-to-people relationship between the two countries.

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Association of Malawians in Scotland

We work closely with, and help support, the Association of Malawians in Scotland as the umbrella organisation for Malawians in Scotland. Members of this Association also get free membership of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

Learn more about what we do to actively engaged diaspora communities here.


David Livingstone Centre

This birthplace museum of Livingstone's life and work is housed in a tenement block which Livingstone and his family shared with 23 other families in Blantyre. David Livingstone continues to be at the very heart of Scotland's links with Malawi, with every past President of Malawi has visited the David Livingstone Centre in Scotland. We have a formal partnership with the centre and have three times helped secure the necessary funds to avoid its closure. A recent major award from the Heritage Lottery Fund has ensured the longterm survival of the centre.

We also have good links elsewhere in the UK, especially with:

Hub Cymru Africa logo

Hub Cymru Africa

Hub Cymru Africa brings together the work of the Wales Africa Community Links, the Wales for Africa Health Links Network, the Sub Saharan Advisory Panel, Fair Trade Wales and the Wales International Development Hub. Hub Cymru Africa is hosted by the Welsh Centre for International Affairs at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff. We work closely with our partners in Wales: sharing experience with their team, kicking ideas around and learning from each of our work.
Traidcraft Logo


Traidcraft sells the UK's widest range of fair trade products, runs life-changing development projects and campaigns hard to bring about trade justice. Most importantly for us, they sell delicious Mzuzu coffee. We're committed to promoting all Malawian products available in Scotland, especially fair trade ones, so we work hard to promote this fantastic coffee. In the last year we have supported an 83% increase in the sale of Malawi coffee in Scotland.

Bond logo


Bond is the UK membership body for organisations working in international development or supporting those that do through funding, research, training and other services. We're a member of Bond's.

The SMP is committed to working constructively and cooperatively with as many as we can. We believe in partnership. We never undertake a major piece of work without first consulting others engaged in similar areas to explore ways we could work together and ensure we're not duplicating.

We make time to speak to, and learn from, others.