UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Scotland Malawi Partnership is proud to be supporting the implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals in Scotland.

Introducing the goals

Scotland was amongst the first nations to sign up to these 17 'Global Goals' which are fighting poverty, climate change and inequality both in Scotland and across the world.

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The Scotland Malawi Partnership has three strategic aims when it comes to the Global Goals:

1. Government and Parliament

During October 2022, we were encamped in the very heart of the Scottish Parliament and were overwhelmed with support from MSPs across all five Holyrood political parties.

To mark the mid-way point in the delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and following the success of the SMP-brokered Samson Kambalu statue loan to the Scottish Parliament, the SMP returned to Holyrood for a three-day exhibition just outside the main chamber.

The SMP developed a major pop-up exhibition to mark the start of the SDGs, with 17 banners, each telling the story of Scotland-Malawi cooperation by one of our members in a specific Global Goal. We took the exhibition to Holyrood then and have been invited back at the half-way point of the SDGs, to remind MSPs of the importance of delivering these 17 Goals, both in Scotland and through our international development partnerships abroad.

Click here to see all video messages from MSP's on our YouTube channel.

2. Wider Civic Society

The SMP has helped secure funding for SCVO to lead with the development of a national website coordinating Scotland's delivery of the Global Goals, a website where you can learn more about the SDGs in Scotland, find out how you can get involved, and share your own story.

Our special pop-up exhibition made up of 17 banners, as described above, is free and available for any group in Scotland to use, to help raise awareness of the goals in their community.

So far it's been exhibited at more than 50 events the length and breadth of Scotland, viewed by more than 10,000 Scots.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to host the exhibition.

3. Within our members

The SMP is encouraging and supporting all our 1,200+ members to help deliver the Global Goals through their Malawi links.

Click one of the 17 Global Goals below to see short case study example of Scots and Malawians working together in this area and links to lots of other SMP members also active in this SDG.