Our impact

We're really proud of what we achieve, together, as a network.

As a member-led national network, which receives public funding to cover much of our core costs from the Scottish Government, we think its hugely important that the SMP is transparent and accountable about all aspects of our work, its value and impact:

Of the 68 target indicators (all set pre-Covid):

  • 64 (93%) have been rated “Green” – target met or exceeded
  • 5 (7%) have been rated “Amber” – target missed by within 25%
  • 0 (0%) have been rated “Red” – target missed by more than 25%
109000 SCOTS 208000 malawians involved

University of Edinburgh Research

In April 2018 the University of Edinburgh undertook research to assess the scale and impact of the Scotland-Malawi relationship.

They found that:

  • Members of the SMP represent a community of more than 109,000 Scots and 208,000 Malawians, working actively in partnership together each year.
  • SMP members contribute more than £49 million of activity to their links with Malawi each year.
  • The work done by members of the SMP benefits BOTH Malawi and Scotland. Each year more than 260,000 Scots and 5.6 million Malawians indirectly benefit from this activity.

University of Glasgow Study

In May 2018 the SMP commissioned a new study from a University of Glasgow researcher which interviewed 449 randomly selected Scots:

It found that:

  • 44% of Scots personally know someone actively involved in a link with Malawi;
  • 77% of Scots are in favour of links with Malawi