Rare Charity

Rare Charity

Rare Charity offers access to education to talented people from tea communities. Tea gardens represent some of the most marginalised areas in many of the world’s poorest countries. Our aim is to give ambitious individuals the agency to implement long-term change - in their own ways and on their own terms.

We currently operate in tea communities in southern Malawi.

Our tertiary educational scholarship programme enables individuals to become qualified professionals. Over half these scholarships will always be set aside for young women.

In 2020, we invested in girls at an earlier stage. After schools re-opened from closure due to Covid, we noticed that many girls had not returned. Reports agreed on a steep rise in child marriages. We invested in secondary scholarships to enable girls to choose education, to complete their secondary schooling and to fulfil their ambitions.

We know our programmes are working. Our focus is tight and direct. By working specifically in tea communities, we can see a concentrated positive impact as more of our scholars graduate and invest their skills as Doctors, Teachers, Midwives and Business Leaders.