Educate on Climate - The New York Times Climate Hub

Our CEO, David Hope-Jones has been invited to join the panel 'Forming Partnerships With Schools in the Global South' at the upcoming 'Educate on Climate' day from The New York Times Climate Hub.

Start time 10:20 (UK) / 11:20 (Malawi) End time 11:00 (UK) / 12:00 (Malawi) Location Online/ In person

The New York Times Climate Hub

"Young people are uniquely invested in the future of our planet. But they need your help to learn how to lead the change.

Join us for Educate on Climate, a one-day virtual and in person conference at The New York Times Climate Hub bringing teachers and lecturers together to tackle some of the biggest challenges in education. What world will our pupils inherit, and how can we prepare them to thrive in it? How should we nurture the next generation of climate leaders? How do we empower students to think critically about the challenges facing our planet, and how can we work hand in hand with young people to help shape climate solutions?" - The New York Times.

Panel: Forming Partnerships With Schools in the Global South

"The disparity in education between the Global North and South is a major focus for the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals. The difference in pupil-teacher ratios underlines how wide a gap exists: in North America, there is one teacher per 14 pupils, while in Sub-Saharan Africa, there’s one teacher for around 40. This inequality is a major driver of education poverty and, until now, partnerships have had a limited impact on closing the gap. However, with the pandemic revolutionizing global platforms for teaching, learning and assessment, greater opportunities have opened up. Join us on November 5 for a practical exploration of when, why and how schools in the Global North can form effective partnerships with the Global South." - The New York Times.

David Hope-Jones

David Hope-Jones

CEO, The Scotland Malawi Partnership

Samantha Hunt

Deputy Headteacher, Sandhurst School

Tom Sherrington

Education Consultant and Author, Teachhead Consulting

Saku Tuominen

Saku Tuominen

Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote speaker and Founder, HundrED