Scotland Malawi Partnership: 2018-2019 highlights

11 Jun 2019

The Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP) had another busy and productive period between April 2018 and March 2019.

With Scottish Government core funding, the SMP was able to support hundreds of individual community-led partnerships.

From welcoming His Excellency, Arthur Peter Mutharika, President of Malawi, to the UK and helping to support a fast, coordinated and effective response to Cyclone Idai, another key moment included the co-hosting of a national conference in Lilongwe with the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) which brought together 350 key stakeholders to discuss the next chapter of bilateral cooperation.

David Hope-Jones, SMP Chief Executive, said: “Successive Scottish Governments are to be applauded for their far-sighted commitment to supporting Scotland’s wider civic involvement in international development through the core funding of key networks.

“This people-led approach has allowed Scotland to make a genuinely remarkable contribution. Put simply, the SMP could not do what it does without the kind and continued support of the Scottish Government.” 

SMP highlights 2018-19

  • Hosted 37 events attended by 2,252 people, and co-hosted or supported a further 43 engagements attended by 4,595.

  • Supported extensive media engagement, with 262 features on Malawi in the Scottish media, of which more than 92% were positive in tone, with over 48 million opportunities to view.





Reflections from some of our members

Moira Dunworth at the Mamie Martin Fund

“The Scotland Malawi Partnership is essential to our small organisation. Its weekly bulletins mean that we are kept up-to-date with Malawi-related news in both countries.

We have used the SMP to share information with other organisations and the wider Scottish public, a sharing which would not be possible without the SMP's conduit role.

We learn about the work of others, are able to link in with that when appropriate and they learn about our work and developments. The SMP's sister organisation, the Malawi Scotland Partnership, is vital to our work there.

Through the Mzuzu Resource Centre we are able to have online meetings with our Malawi Manager and she is able to work there, with power and internet access (when it's available!). Their encouragement of her work means a great deal to her and us.”

Mike Durrington at Biggar High School

“Students and staff have benefited from the SMP from day one. They have inspired and challenged us to think globally and act sustainably; so much so that students have regained their voice and are developing transferable skills which they can use beyond school.

"Our partnership has begun to flourish and develop, reaching into our local communities and neighbouring authorities. 

"We are now collaborating in a cluster of schools, each with our own individual partnerships.  This work is structured around key themes of equity and equality of access to education for all students and staff, both here and in Malawi. 

"The continued support from the SMP has been second to none.”