Primary and Secondary Education

"Education is the most powerful weapon we can

use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela


Over 200 schools involved

 There are more links between Scotland and Malawi in education than in any other area. 

It has been a hugely important part of our friendship together for more than a hundred years and continues to drive much of our work.

Hundreds of Scottish and Malawian NGOs and community groups are working together in dignified partnership to help improve education in Malawi.  Huge progress has been made but, sadly, there are still a great many challenges.

Over 200 Scottish primary and secondary schools are members of the SMP and have active links with a school in Malawi or learn about Malawi as part of their curriculum. 

We have seen how school partnerships can enrich the quality of learning that takes place and how hard teachers and school leaders work in both countries to improve the quality of education for the young people they work with.

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Active school links

Starting a school link with Malawi

Bruntsfield Primary School in Edinburgh chat about starting their own link with a school in Malawi. Our Schools and Youth Officer visited the Primary School to talk with the learners about her experiences in Malawi.

Sustaining a school link with Malawi

Kilmaron Special School in Fife show how they've sustained their school partnership with St Lawrence's in Malawi. Kilmaron raised funds for their partner school after devastating flooding hit the country in 2015.

Developing a school link with Malawi

Bannerman High School in Glasgow have enjoyed a great partnership with Masalani Day Secondary School in Malawi for a number of years and regularly take part in teacher and pupil exchange visits.


Support for your school partnership



We support each of our member schools with information, tailored activities, resources and lesson plans. The Partnership visits schools regularly all across Scotland to run assemblies or talks. We also runs events that help connect schools up in Scotland to learn from each other and share experience of working with Malawi.

The 2005 Co-operation Agreement between Scotland and Malawi recognised that a successful area of collaboration was the exchange of knowledge and skills between schools, local government and higher education institutions. Maintaining a partnership is hard work but the benefits are immeasurable. The joint learning which has taken place through school-partnerships includes enterprise projects, global curriculum activities and reciprocal visits between schools. The benefits of school partnerships go far beyond individual teachers and students, they allow school communities in both Scotland and Malawi to learn from and understand other cultures better and feel connected in our global society.

The SMP has a Primary and Secondary Schools Forum which supports educational projects in Malawi and Scotland-Malawi school links. It meets two to four times a year and all are welcome to join. Please get in touch  for more information.

Create awareness in your school

 Why not hold a Malawi Day to create awareness and celebrate your Scotland-Malawi school link.

Check out Inverkip Primary's Malawi Day >>

Want to host your own Malawi Day? Give us a call on 0131 529 3164 to see how we can help!