2018 Member Awards

This year, our Member Awards programme was structured around the theme of ‘Our shared future: youth participation and sustainability’ and what that meant for partnerships with Malawi.






 2018 is the Year of Young People and we wanted to take the time to recognise how the projects of our members are engaging and involving young people.

Sustainability is a key part of any Scotland-Malawi link and is one of our Partnership Principles. 

It's important in partnership working to always keep half an eye on the long-term and ensure you're not creating dependencies but rather are building capacity on both sides, so the benefits of your work last beyond the current project.

We invited all our members to enter the awards programme by developing a short video which answered one or more of the following questions:

1. What does the future look like for your partnership in Malawi?

2. How do you meaningfully involve young people in Scotland or in Malawi, or both?

3. How are you ensuring your work is sustainable and will have a lasting positive effect in Scotland and Malawi?

The brief for the videos was to be fun and engaging while also inspiring and encouraging active reflection.

Video entries

We awarded multiple Member Awards at our 6th October AGM, with scoring by a special panel of Malawians and Scots, informed by a public vote (most number of views).

Winners received a carved trophy from Malawi, a hamper of Malawian goods at the AGM and a selection of fantastic Malawi tourism prizes.

A very big congratulations to our four SMP Member Award winners; Link Community Development, First Aid Africa, Steka Kenyawi Kids and St Maurice's High School.

Shortlisted videos