SMP Youth Committee


Learn what our ten Youth Committee Members have been up to...

The Youth Committee was launched during the 2018 Year of Young People, with the Scotland Malawi Partnership committing to an exciting new project involving ten young people from across Scotland with links to Malawi.

The role of the Youth Committee is to help us create, plan and coordinate a series of events and competitions and help promote and develop the historic links between young people here in Scotland and in Malawi.

The Committee was formed in September 2018 and will run until January 2020.

The team has so far...

  • Co-designed and led a Youth Congress, bringing lots of exciting and fresh ideas to our annual event which was this year held at McEwan Hall in Edinburgh
  • Launched an events competition for young people across Scotland to win support for their event celebrating their link to Malawi
  • And then supported all three groups who won in the competition to run their events - you can see videos from all three events on our YouTube page

Over the next 6 months of the project, the Youth Committee will be leading workshops in schools in Scotland looking at the heritage and history of the link between Scotland and Malawi, as well as organising a school partnership awards competition and ceremony taking place in December.

How does the Committee work?


We have regular meetings so that as many people as possible can attend. If anyone can’t be there physically, we include them virtually using Skype or Zoom.


The Youth Committee is included at every stage of the planning for our events. The SMP highly values their input in the design and delivery of the events to make sure they're as engaging as possible for young people.


Aside from these events, the committee have a lot of freedom to come up with some exciting ways of getting young people involved in the Scotland-Malawi link, like competitions or conferences.


Throughout the time the committee runs, we’ve been working with its members to identify any skills or knowledge that they want to develop to make sure that they get the full benefit of taking part.