David Livingstone Trust and WoSDEC - David Livingstone and Global Citizenship

15 March 2021

Educators and Youth Leaders

Educators and Youth Leaders

Key messages:

  • Raise awareness of the new Global Citizenship David Livingstone Resource: https://www.david-livingstone-birthplace.org/global-
  • Explore the tools within the resource that deepen understanding of historic and current relationships between Scotland and Malawi.
  • Connect David Livingstone’s story with contemporary issues of human rights and sustainability

Was David Livingstone a Global Citizen? This resource will provide educators with an interactive opportunity to explore the issues and the learning activities within the new Global Citizenship David Livingstone resource. The resource examines how the human rights and sustainability issues of Victorian times connect with the key issues facing us globally today.

Please watch the video below and read the PDF available here. We would love if you could submit your feedback when you're done. A printable version of the form is available if you'd like to hand this out to your pupils.

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