Social Enterprise Academy - a tool to support equitable partnerships

15 March 2021

Educators and Youth Leaders

Educators and Youth Leaders

Social enterprise combines innovative entrepreneurship with clear and purposeful social aims. Focusing on social and environmental aims can help young people connect to the issues that really matter to them and respond in their own creative ways.

Join us to explore what Social Enterprise is and discuss examples of where it has been the foundation of equitable and reciprocal school partnerships. You can also access ongoing, fully-funded support after using this resource to explore social enterprise in your setting.

Key messages:

  • Supporting school partnerships to be more equitable by allowing a joint focus that develops knowledge, skills and confidence for young people in both countries - and can be an income source that makes the partnership more financially sustainable.
  • Increase resilience and problem solving, confidence and well-being in young people - how young people begin to see themselves as they create positive change in the world
  • Support core subjects (literacy through marketing and planning, numeracy through managing budgets and sales).

Please watch the video below and read the presentation available here. We would love if you could submit your feedback when you're done. A printable version of the form is available if you'd like to hand this out to your pupils.

Social Enterprise Academy