Fair Trade Scotland - Partnership with Purpose

15 March 2021

Educators and Youth Leaders

Educators and Youth Leaders

Scotland is a Fair Trade Nation and with COP26 coming to Glasgow later this year, Fair Trade Scotland (the only longstanding WFTO GS Importer in Scotland) are giving teachers, educators and youth leaders an opportunity to explore aspects of Sustainable Economic Development, looking at Climate Action and the Fair Trade Movement as an integral part to achieving the SDG's.

This resource will enhance personal and professional CPD and will offer innovative ways to become involved, at a time when COP26 is very high on the agenda. The content of this input will resonate with parts of the curriculum planning framework and underpins much of the CfE's 4 capacities for learning. There is growing impetus for global communities, educators and individuals to encourage responsible, conscious consumerism. We can all play an important part in improving the outcomes of people and planet if we work collaboratively and in a co-ordinated way.

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Key messages:

  • COP26 - Understanding Climate Action (SDG13) and how Fair Trade is an integral part.
  • Responsible Consumption (SDG12) - How to encourage responsible, conscious consumer behaviours.
  • 'Partnerships' With Purpose - The power of the combined 'pound' in our pockets!
  • How Fair Trade is vital for achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals, which in turn support positive outcomes for people and planet.

Please watch the video below. We would love if you could submit your feedback when you're done. A printable version of the form is available if you'd like to hand this out to your pupils.

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