Buy Malawian 2017

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#BuyMalawian2017 Campaign

The campaign was a great success.

We reached around 300,000 people on social media, and secured local and national coverage in the press. 

Over 100 people uploaded selfies (including dozens of MSPs and Ministers) and our online gallery had around 30,000 visits, with over 4,000 votes cast. 

All of this has had a great impact building awareness of Malawian exports and helping to generate new Scottish markets for these products. 

This in turn will help support sustainable economic development in Malawi and also assist the SMP as we look to lobby for a more just trade and tax relationship with Malawi.


#BuyMalawian2017 Winner

The top nine pictures with the most votes on the online gallery were added with a randomly selected entry, to create a shortlist of ten, as per our stated Terms and Conditions.

This shortlist of ten were then put into a hat (or, more appropriately, a Malawian bowl!) and all the SMP team took turns to pick names out of the bowl, with the last name remaining winning the holiday. 

The holiday was won by Caroline Beaton.

You can watch the video of the selection process here >> 

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