The MALAWI-UK BUSINESS GROUP is proud to announce this year's MALAWI-UK NETWORKING EVENT which is to be held virtually on the 23rd of July 2021. Please find details here, directly from the Malawi-UK Business Group.

Start time 09:30 (UK) / 10:30 (Malawi) End time 14:00 (UK) / 15:00 (Malawi)
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Event background:

Our area of interest for this year's conference is the AGRO-BUSINESS sector in Malawi. Malawi has for long relied on tobacco as the main cash crop but with the changing winds blowing across the globe, there is an urgency in the need to diversify and build up the agro-business sector at a faster pace.

The event aims to bring together Malawian agro-business sector stakeholders with their UK counterparts to help stimulate trade and investments between the respective countries.

Public and Private entities in Malawi will have a platform to share ideas and information, make new contacts and have direct discussions with key decision-makers. We look to promote and facilitate the rapid growth in the Agro-Processing sub-sector in Malawi by driving investors and ease of access to funding for such ventures, thus increasing amount of Value Added Malawian products and produces onto the international markets. The event is especially interested in crop production mapping, creation of value chains, production industry, market chains and growth, agro-investors, funders and prospective partners.

Malawi has a number of crops that can be elevated to cash earners, from coffee, cotton, medicinal and industrial cannabis, macadamia, beans, rice, soya, maize, groundnuts and many others.

Event format:

This is a fully digital event, taking place on Zoom. We are delighted to have Keynote addresses by both the Minister for Agriculture and the Minister of Trade, in addition to remarks from the British High Commissioner to Malawi.

Six high-level panellists will give short presentations from: the Greenbelt Authority, the Malawian Cannabis Regulatory, National Planning Commission (Vision 2063), MITC, African Export-Imports Bank, and CDC.

We want this to be an engaging, interactive and useful event, so the majority of time will take place in breakout groups, which delegates will themselves be able to chose from and move between. There will be breakout groups for direct discussions with each of the six high-level panelists, as well as additional spaces for delegates to be able to share information, network, raise key issues, make new contacts and explore new partnerships.

To help facilitate networking, prior to the event we will electronically share summary profiles for all delegates.

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