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1. NEW – Global Citizenship: Critical Learning Resources

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The SMP is excited to launch a whole series of new Global Citizenship Critical Learning discussion-based resources for youth and school partnerships that want to dig deeper. They aim to help support teachers and youth leaders (even those who haven’t been to Malawi or have any previous involvement) to be able to take on sensitive but important topics, knowing they aren’t risking reinforcing negative stereotypes. These critical learning lessons are mainly focused on secondary school aged students.

These lessons are being developed partly in response to the recommendations of the Irma Arts (2020) report titled ‘Scottish secondary schools and their links with developing countries’.

They are not necessarily designed as a programme for schools to work through in full and in order, but rather a menu of options which can be used as needed to have the greatest impact. These resources can either be delivered by schools themselves or the SMP can provide in-school speakers to support these lessons.

Although we have endeavoured to seek feedback and critical assessment of these resources from a variety of partner organisations and members, we are keen to emphasise that they are still in draft and will continue to evolve based on feedback. The SMP is not claiming to be an educational institution with all the right answers to these extremely important issues and we are keen to continue to listen to others. These Global Citizenship resources are intended to assist member schools to strengthen the effectiveness and the equality of their partnerships. It is felt that as trained professionals, teachers will use these resources where they feel most appropriate within their own school curriculums and school wide development plans and adapt as they see fit. We welcome and encourage any and all feedback pertaining to these resources! It is only through the contribution of our network of partnerships that we can consistently strengthen and improve the SMP’s resources and support systems.

The new resources for areas of critical learning are:
  1. Understanding the ‘White Saviour’ complex and ‘volun-tourism’
  2. Power and poverty, a critical understanding
  3. The power of images and video: the narratives we construct
  4. The case for Climate Justice
  5. Scotland and Malawi: Understanding our shared history
  6. Understanding Malawi: its language and culture
  7. and more to come soon...!

We warmly welcome your thoughts and feedback. Please contact

2. Primary and Secondary School Resource Booklets

Primary School Resource Booklet

Read our lesson plans and resources for primary schools, with lessons embedded in the Curriculum for Excellence across: Literacy and English, Maths, Science, Geography, Art and Citizenship.

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Secondary School Resource Booklet

Read our lesson plans and resources for secondary schools, with lessons embedded in the Curriculum for Excellence across: Art, Biology, Business Education, Chemistry, Computing, Drama, Economics, English, Geography, History, Home Economics, Mathematics, Media Studies, Modern Languages, Modern Studies, Music, Physical Education, Physics and Technological Education.

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