Support for youth and schools links

Find out how we can help support youth and schools links, by clicking the below sections.

The SMP has a dedicated Youth and Schools Officer. To request any of the areas of support listed below (or anything related to youth and schools not listed) please contact and we will do all we can to help.

Learn about why and how we engage schools and young people, and how we work to ensure this activity does no harm.

Set-up a live classroom-to-classroom video link with a school in Malawi - Click here for details...

The SMP and our sister network in Malawi, MaSP, are able to support live video links between schools in Scotland and Malawi.

Through Covid-19 we all moved to digital ways of working and we’re keen to keep the best bits of digital even after all restrictions end, with young Scots and young Malawians able to speak live to each other, without the need for air travel.

We recognise that not all schools have equal access to the necessary hardware and connectivity, especially in Malawi. So, to broaden participation and support equitable digital access, we’re offering more direct hands-on support to facilitate digital links, where it is required. In some cases we can even offer modest financial support in Malawi to pay for airtime.

Beyond the practical and technical, we can also offer facilitation at both sides, if requested, to help ensure a constructive and appropriate exchange between young people, with real learning outcomes.

While we can’t make any promises as far as what we can offer (it will be case by case as obviously geography, budgets and 4G access will have an impact) we can commit to responding quickly and helpfully to all requests, and offering practical support, advice or information wherever we can to facilitate live digital links between partner schools.

To request support, contact:

School speakers - Click here for details...

We can offer in-school speakers to cover a range of different topics, including often with presenters from the Malawi diaspora community in Scotland and/or live links to young Malawians speaking from Malawi.

All our forthcoming 2022 resources and lesson plans can be delivered by teachers themselves (no prior knowledge required) or the SMP can offer a speaker to come into schools.

To request this service, contact:

Climate change discussion workshop live-linked to Malawi - Click here for details...

The climate crisis is here and now in Malawi, with changing rainfall and weather patterns having immediate human impact. It is the younger generations, both in Malawi and Scotland, that will suffer the most from the world’s inaction. We’re therefore committed to helping amplify young Malawian climate ambassadors.

Working with our sister network in Malawi, MaSP, we’re able to organise live digital links between classrooms in Scotland and MaSP’s inspiring and articulate Young Climate Leaders. It’s a chance for learners in Scotland to speak directly with young Malawians, discussing the climate crisis, the impact in Malawi, and what global action needs to be taken, now.

Watch 26 of the inspiring MaSP Young Climate Leaders share their views in the run up to COP26.

Watch the Young Climate Leaders perform their hit song with renowned musician Joe Kellz.

To request this service, contact:

Youth and Schools Forum - Click here for details...

Join us for our twice yearly Youth & Schools Forum and hear directly from educators, young people and organisations working in Scotland and Malawi. We use these regular events to share experience, learn from each other, and to support networking and collaboration. We have had the Malawi Minister of Education and other senior stakeholders address this regular Forum, which:

  • spotlights the perspectives of young people, youth leaders, teachers and organisations in both Scotland and Malawi
  • promotes equal voice and collaboration
  • supports active discussion and collaborations

Click here to see upcoming Forum dates on our SMP events page.

Youth Festival/Congress - Click here for details...

Each year we host a major youth event celebrating and supporting Scotland’s many youth and school links with Malawi.

Before Covid this was our Youth Congress which brought together hundreds of young people from dozens of Scottish schools with Malawi links. Young people were able to share information about their work with Malawi as well as connect with other schools and get inspired. We had dozens of different workshops which young people could choose between, in addition to CPD sessions specifically for teachers. Watch the videos below to be inspired.

In 2021 we weren’t able to meet in person due to Covid restrictions, so we had a Digital Youth Festival online, with podcasts, webinars, digital competitions and more, reaching and AMAZING 250,000 people!

Our next Youth Festival will be in the autumn of 2022 and we hope it will be able to have strong in-person elements, as well as live digital links to Malawi. Check back here for full details. To get involved in the planning for the 2022 Youth Festival, please contact

The SMP’s brilliant 2019 Youth Congress at McEwan Hall, Edinburgh.
The SMP’s awesome 2018 Youth Congress at Hampden Park.
The SMP’s record breaking 2016 Youth Congress at George Watson’s College, Edinburgh.
The SMP’s fantastic 2015 Youth Congress at the University of Strathclyde's Technology and Innovation Centre.
The SMP’s amazing 2014 Youth Congress at the National Museum Scotland.
Development Education Centres

Further great support and information for teachers is available from Scotland’s brilliant Development Education Centres (DECs):