Social Enterprise Academy - Taking positive action on Climate Change

15 March 2021

Ages 5-11 years

Ages 5-11 years

Social Enterprise combines innovative entrepreneurship with clear and purposeful social aims. It’s a chance for young people to tackle the social and environmental issues that really matter to them and respond in their own creative ways.

Join us to explore how school-based social enterprises are currently tackling climate change in a range of different ways, including examples from Malawi. Explore the aspects of climate change that really matter to you, discuss possible solutions, commit to an action in your school or community and access ongoing support.

This resource is a chance for young people to feel empowered to make a difference by taking action. It will increase their awareness of their role as an active global citizen in tackling climate change. It will also increase their knowledge of Social Enterprise and awareness of school-based social enterprises tackling climate change.

Key messages:

  • Gain knowledge about an ethical business model
  • Explore core subjects and skills in a different environment
  • Take positive action to change the world for the better

Please watch the video below and read the presentation available here. We would love if you could submit your feedback when you're done. A printable version of the form is available if you'd like to hand this out to your pupils.