Scottish Government Publishes International Strategy

26 January 2024

The Scottish Government’s International Strategy which was published on Wednesday, includes its principles, underpinning approaches and thematic priorities for International Development. Its areas of focus to support Malawi and other partner countries are also outlined.

With the enduring core aim of ‘partnership to address poverty reduction’ and embedding the Sustainable Development Goals in all of its work, the strategy document highlights the Scottish Government’s being guided by its International Development Principles. This, the Scottish Government defines as its commitment to being partner country-led and inclusive; to collaboration and partnerships, to equality, to amplifying Global South voices, and to inclusion and diversity. The Principles are also about a respectful partnership approach with partner countries, and grantees and champion a feminist approach to development which contributes to gender equality and advances the rights of women and girls.

The strategy states that there are three underpinning approaches to the Scottish Government’s International Development work: “alignment with our new Principles; taking a feminist approach; and pursuing an equalising power agenda in our relationships with our partner countries and other Global South countries.”

The report says that new inclusive education programmes will be developed with partner countries, providing access to education for “the most marginalised, especially girls and learners with additional support needs.”

Health programmes will be devised to build stronger health systems to help tackle the world’s leading cause of death and disability - non-communicable diseases: “illnesses linked to poverty, pollution, diet, tobacco and alcohol use, which pose a huge and increasing threat to the health and livelihoods of people in the Global South.”

An Equalities Programme will be implemented, in the Police Scotland Protection of Vulnerable Groups Programmes with their peer police forces in Malawi and Zambia, as well as launching a new Women and Girls Fund, co-developed with women and girls, to support locally-based women-led organisations to advance women’s rights. The Strategy says that the Government will continue to promote and support Fair Trade and outlines its ongoing
commitments on climate justice and loss and damage.

The strategy says that the Government will sustain its Humanitarian Emergency Fund and “explore options for how it can deliver the greatest impact at a time of increasing humanitarian need.”

Read the strategy in full here.

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