Brain Tumour Surgery for Mphatso

21 December 2023

Longstanding friend of the Scotland Malawi Partnership (SMP), Mphatso Sapangwa has a brain tumour and urgently needs surgery in India to remove it. The SMP and our sister organisation the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) are launching a fundraising campaign to help make this possible.

Mphatso will be known to many as the Finance Officer of MaSP and some will have met him in Scotland when he joined our AGM & Annual Gathering in Glasgow in October 2018.

Medics in Malawi are recommending surgery in India and medical insurance is likely only to cover around 20% of the total cost of treatment, flights and accommodation, estimated to be $20k (£15,745).

Pictured together, Mphatso (36) and his wife Nafe have just celebrated their daughter Iris Kayla's 1st birthday.

SMP CEO Stuart Brown said:

“A gentle, warm, hard-working and intelligent family man who has been integral to MaSP’s work, Mphatso recently began experiencing difficulties with his sight and an MRI scan revealed a brain tumour pressing on his optic nerve. Mphatso is affectionately known as ‘Uncle Mpha’, because he looks after everyone else so thoughtfully. If you have a friend who consistently goes the extra mile and does whatever is needed to ensure that everyone else is ok, you know Mpha. Now he needs help. Any support that anyone can give, however small, will help us to raise what’s needed for this vital surgery.

We recognise that there are multiple needs in Malawi, Scotland and internationally and will continue to promote and champion members’ campaigns.”

Please visit Just Giving page here.

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