Alex Cole-Hamilton re-affirms Lib Dems’ commitment to Malawi

28 September 2021

We are delighted that Alex Cole-Hamilton has followed his predecessor Willie Rennie, as the Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats, in actively supporting the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

All five Scottish Party Leaders are strong advocates of Scotland’s 160 year old friendship with Malawi, with each having given strong messages of support.

The Partnership is meeting with Alex Cole-Hamilton in October, as we have each of the Party Leaders, to brief him on the bilateral relationship.

We don’t take for granted the strength of all-party support for the dignified nation-to-nation and people-to-people friendship Scotland and Malawi share. It’s genuinely inspiring to see Scotland’s political leaders, of all stripes, come together with one voice.

Scotland Malawi Partnership members can be found in every constituency and region in Scotland. Read our Westminster and Holyrood constituency mapping reports, updated July 2021.

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Nicola Sturgeon MSP

First Minister and Leader of the Scottish National Party

"The links between Scotland and Malawi are strong and enduring. Even in this past year, which has presented us with difficulties we could scarcely have imagined, our friendship continues to grow.

The work that the Scotland-Malawi Partnership and the many organisations the length and breadth of Scotland do to support and nurture these links is extremely welcome and I am proud that the Scottish Government can continue to fund these efforts. I hope this report inspires many more communities to take an interest in the relationship between Scotland and Malawi, so we can sustain it for many years to come."

Douglas Ross MP Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party SQUARE CROP

Douglas Ross MP

Leader of the Scottish Conservative Party

“I am delighted to welcome the publication of this report. The links between Scotland and Malawi are deep, and it’s right we celebrate them. This report stands as a testimony to that – highlighting the civic partnerships which exist across each Holyrood constituency and region.

At heart, this is about friendship. Not just between governments, but between two peoples. Each year thousands of Scots and Malawians stand side-by-side and work together to achieve common goals. We should be proud of these bonds and I congratulate the Scotland Malawi Partnership for everything they do to further this cause. The Scottish Conservatives are deeply committed to strengthening Scotland’s partnership with Malawi for the benefit of both our countries.”

Anas Sarwar MSP Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

Anas Sarwar MSP

Leader of the Scottish Labour Party

“Our links with Malawi continue to thrive and flourish, and are a testament to the efforts of those who have worked hard to maintain this enduring friendship.
The community of over 300,000 Scots and Malawians has helped deliver benefits and real change where it’s needed - across communities, in trade, business, medicine, education and tourism. We should be proud of our work together and continue to build on the unity between our two nations.”

Alex Cole Hamilton MSP

Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP

Leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrat Party

"It is truly impressive that over one thousand Scottish organisations and key individuals have active links with Malawi.

Through education, communication and engagement we are forging a lasting relationship with this fascinating and creative country at the heart of Africa.

Together Scotland and Malawi can grow and prosper together. I am particularly pleased to see the deep links between Malawi and my constituency, where there are memberships from groups as wide ranging as the RZSS Edinburgh Zoo and several local primary schools."

Patrick Havie MSP2013 cropped

Patrick Harvie MSP

Co-convenor of the Scottish Green Party

“I am delighted to see Scotland’s long-standing friendship with Malawi continue to grow from strength to strength. More and more communities the length and breadth of Scotland are now involved in the people-to-people partnerships.

As this report highlights, almost every section of Scottish civic life is now involved with Malawi in some way, with record numbers of community groups, schools, universities and hospitals actively engaged.

This represents the best of Scottish internationalism, which will contribute to sustainable development and to global challenges such as equality and human rights. I congratulate the Scotland Malawi Partnership for its work coordinating these many civic links and look forward to continuing to work closely with the network.”