Global Goals Event Funding Available

9 Oct 2015

On the 25th September 2015 almost every country in the world converged on New York to sign up to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, or now just “Global Goals”).  One week later, 200 Scots and Malawians gathered in Edinburgh to celebrate the launch of the Global Goals at a civic level in Scotland, at the Scotland Malawi Partnership’s tenth annual general meeting.

During that week, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, Secretary of State for Scotland David Mundell, former First Minister Lord Jack McConnell, and DFID Minister of State Grant Shapps, all joined the SMP’s campaign to put a spirit of partnership and civic activism at the very heart of the Global Goals. 


Over the next 12 months the SMP, with funding from the Scottish Government, looks to raise awareness of the Global Goals in communities across Scotland.  We will do this by offering, free of charge, all our resources, promotional materials and support, including:
  • 17 promotional banners (each one is 0.8m x 2m) , one for each of the Global Goals, giving a “real people, real partnership” Scotland-Malawi case study for each – a pop-up exhibition all ready to go. Click here to see the banners.
  • 17 of the official UN Global Goal icons (each one is 0.4 x 0.4m) – great for photos and selfies!
  • Malawi and Scottish flags and bunting
  • Media, including Malawi music, photos, presentations, videos etc
  • Support getting media coverage and using social media to best effect
  • Support getting speakers from the Scottish Government, UN, UK Government and the SMP
  • Footballs for you to do your own “dizzy goal” (see ours, and learn more, here)
  • Help filming your event or activity

Anyone (not just those awarded a micro-grant, see below) is welcome to request support from the SMP: you don’t have to be an SMP member. 

We’ll do everything we can to help as many events across Scotland as possible. To seek support, please email globalgoals(at) or phone 0131 529 3164 and ask to speak to Jackie.


In addition to the above support, with Scottish Government funding, we’re offering a minimum of 17 micro-grants of £300-£500 to support events and activities to help our members promote the Global Goals.

We’re open to all ideas about how our members can use these grants to raise awareness of the Global Goals, this could be: pop-up exhibitions using the banners, talks, creation of videos or online content, school assemblies, community events, university lectures, etc. The important thing is that each engagement should look to raise awareness of the Goals (and the importance of partnership and civic activism in the Goals) to at least 100 people – other than that, anything goes!   

We really want new faces to come to these events, so try to target people who haven’t previously had any involvement, not just those that are already interested.

Applications can come from any SMP member (and anyone is welcome to join the SMP to apply).  It could be from a church, a school, a charity, a community group, a diaspora group, a group of friends, just one individual, anyone!  As long as there is a named adult, based in Scotland, who takes legal responsibility for the funds, then anyone can apply. There will be very light weight form to fill in at the end to let us know how your event has gone.

This is a year-long, one-off campaign, so all events and activities must have taken place by the 25th September 2016 – we’re wanting to start the SDGs with a bang!

To apply for a micro-grant simply download and complete the form and email to globalgoals(at) by 09.00 5th December 2015.

We’re keen to be as flexible as possible, so if you have an event planned to take place in 2015 for which you would require a funding decision before 5th December, you are welcome to make an early submission. 

If making an early submission, please flag up when your event/activity is taking place and when you would need a funding decision by.

Download the application form