The Malawian Diaspora community in Scotland possesses a unique insight into both cultures: an invaluable part of our special relationship.

Accordingly, since its creation, the SMP has been especially interested in encouraging Malawians residents in Scotland to become active members, joining the SMP Board and attend events, with significant time, energy and resources invested in promoting diaspora engagement.

We are proud to always have leading members of the Malawian diaspora community on the Board of the SMP.

We work closely with, and help support, the Association of Malawians in Scotland as the umbrella organisation for Malawians in Scotland. Members of this Association also get free membership of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

Diaspora events in Scotland

Every year we work especially closely with the Malawian diaspora community to organise the Malawi Independence Day celebrations.

The 2014 celebration was especially memorable, as we marked 50 years of Malawian independence. The event, held in Glasgow was attended by over 200 people, mainly Malawians.

There was excellent diaspora leadership in the planning for the day which as a result had a very friendly and authentically Malawian feel to it complete with traditional Malawian food, games, speeches and music from the famous Black Missionaries (Malawi's most popular band playing their first ever gig in Scotland) and Brave 'Blakseed' Mnyayi of the Nyasa Guruz.

Since then members of the Malawian diaspora have organised two more excellent Independence Day Celebrations, as well as a cultural evening for those interested in learning more about Malawi.