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SVA is a student run organisation based in Glasgow University which has been running for 15 years. SVA currently has two projects running in Malawi SVA Malawi Bangwe and SVA Malawi Nancholi. ,,The Bangwe project has been running for 7 years it involves 2 coordinators and 12 volunteers. We work with a local NGO Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement (AYISE). Volunteers teach in 3 primary schools and 3 orphanages, are involved in youth sports programs, work with two womens groups regarding issues of gender inequality and work with local HIV and AIDS awareness groups, assisting in testing and promoting awareness. ,,The Nancholi project piloted in 2011. This project involves 2 coordinators and 6 volunteers. Working with a CBO in the area Nancholi Youth Organisation (NAYO), the project focuses on youth work and health education. We teach in 3 schools 2 primary level and 1 secondary level. In 2011, working with NAYO, we established a local youth group which we would seek to continue working with and expand. We also take part in NAYOs Home Based Care scheme assisting those suffering for HIV and AIDS as well as the elderly and other people suffering from illness. The 2011 project funded the construction of a Health Clinic in a nearby village future projects would seek to aid and expand the services the clinic can provide.,,The nature of the projects is such that, depending on the amount of fundraised money and the needs of the communities at the time of the project, there is the opportunity to fund various construction projects year to year, as well as providing organizations with IGAs and other donations. ,

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