Dr Isabelle Uny

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Areas of partnership
Culture, Gender, Governance, Health, Local Authorities


Scottish local authority
Stirling Council

Districts in Malawi
Blantyre, Lilongwe, Thyolo, Zomba

Partner organisation in Malawi
the Polytechnic University of Malawi, Malawi College of Medicine, Pakechere; University of Malawi Chancellor College;Queen Elizabeth Hospital ( Blantyre) and MUST University.
(Organisation is a member of MaSP)

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Number of people involved in Malawi

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Number of people who benefit in Malawi

The Safe Roads Africa project in Malawi is focusing on buidling an equal partnership which is together designing a programme intervention to improve community prevention and first-response to road traffic collisions and the trauma resulting from those.

I am a Research Fellow at the the University of Stirling focusing on health research particularly in Malawi, where I have worked wwith colleagues for 13 years.

My PhD ( attached as a doc) was in the area of maternal health and was a bottom up exploration of the implementation of the traditional birth attendants in Malawi and of its impact on women's - and community members-decisions, particularly in out of reach rural areas. My main interest is i gathering perceptions of community members on policies and issues that affect them.

Today my research/ intervention development with partners in Malawi is muti-fold:
1) I am a co applicant on the Safe Roads Africa project at the University of Stirling, which is working with Glasgow School of Art, the Polytechnic University of Malawi, COM, Chancellor College at the University of Malawi and Pakechere. In this foundation grant, we are focusing on on buidling our our partnership and co-constructing to design a contextually specific programme intervention to improve community prevention and first-response within local communities highly affected by road traffic collision and the trauma resulting from those.

2) Malawian and Uganda colleagues and I developped a grant application to the HSRI call 6 for a project called PROAGRESS- Africa: Policy Research and Options for systems of Alcohol supply Governance: policy transfers in Sub Saharan Africa. This project, if funded, will explore the perceived impact of the ban of alcohol sachets in both countries, from a community perspective. We willlook at sub-sahraran specofic lessons that can be drwan regarding limiting alcohol supply, and the issues associated with those policies, in the daily life of community members. This research is with Stirling colleagues and colleagues at Makerere University in Uganda, and the University of Malawi Chancellor College, as well as with the MRC South Africa ( we are awaiting decision in October 2019).

3) I am currently developing 2 further projects with colleagues at Stirling University and in Malawi:
--- one in maternal health following from 7 years of work in that area. It will be a small scale Intervention development and feasibility study using 'respect circles' to promote respectful care in childbirth in Malawi. Partners are Queen Elizabeth Hospital ( Blantyre) and MUST University.

---The other project - also with colleagues at Stirling University-is called the Let’s Breathe Project – and will be Building connections and collaborations in Kenya and Malawi to address household air pollution (HAP), and the impact on women and children's health of cooking daily using charcoal, wood and other dirty fuels.

In the past I have worked for SMP member the Mamie Martin Fund supporting girls secondary education in the North of Malawi.


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