Strategic plans

The SMP usually publishes a Strategic Plan every three years, to coincide with the triennial core funding grant we receive from the Scottish Government.

We are a member-led network, so we invest significant time and energy to consult our members and key partners in the development of our Strategic Plans. A major consultation was undertaken in 2019, resulting in the SMP’s 2020-23 Strategic Plan.

However, in March 2020 the SMP Board of Directors decided that the Covid-19 pandemic would likely have such a significant impact on our members’ work and the bilateral relationship that the network should focus predominantly on responding to the pandemic. The SMP quickly agreed and published a Covid-19 Response Strategy and Covid-19 Risk Register.

Many of the original plans in our 2020-23 Strategy have been able to be advanced through 2020-21, while keeping a predominant focus on Covid-19.

The SMP Board keeps this under constant review and it is likely in the spring of 2021, as the one-year Covid Response strategy is concluded, we will publish an updated Strategy for the remainder of 2021-23 which includes both our continuing Covid support, as well as broader strategic objectives.

To learn more about our strategic thinking, please contact our Chief Executive, David Hope-Jones.