2019 Member Awards

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We are excited to announce our 2019 Member Awards

– in the presence of HRH The Princess Royal

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This is the fourth year of the SMP’s Awards Programme which aims to help members tell their story, celebrate especially strong links between Scotland and Malawi
– and further raise public awareness and support for the bilateral relationship.

This year it’s bigger and better than ever before!

Note that the Member Awards 2019 event is exclusively for members of the SMP and our partners and guests.
All SMP members have been emailed an invitation to the event with details of how to book a place. 
Members who have not received the email or who are having problems booking can contact the office by phoning 0131 5293164 or emailing info(at)scotland-malawipartnership.org.

We want everyone to get involved

On the 5th September, SMP Honorary Patron, HRH The Princess Royal will present the awards at a special ceremony in central Edinburgh before meeting the winners. This is the first year we will have a standalone awards ceremony, separate to the AGM, and we’re keen as many members as possible are able to take part.

Given the deadline is at the end of the school holidays, to ensure schools don’t miss out we will have an additional separate School Partnerships Awards which will be launched in the autumn and have a dedicated ceremony for schools in December. 

Schools are welcome to apply for both these Member Awards and the School Partnerships Awards - or wait until the autumn to apply for just the School Partnerships Awards.

We are keen to encourage as many members as possible to take part and, as always, we emphasize that the SMP is not about competition but collaboration.  While our panel of judges will ultimately pick a handful of award recipients, our prime motivation is to help represent, support and celebrate the work of as many of our members as possible.

How to enter

This year we will use your membership profile to judge the Member Awards. To enter and be considered for an award all you have to do is:

Update your online SMP membership profile with as much inspiring information about your links with Malawi as you can. This can include text, numbers, photos, videos, graphics and documents.

Next, let us know you would like to be considered for a Member Award by completing the quick online form by 26th August.
We want the awards to be as inclusive as possible, so we are not limiting entries to fixed categories. All SMP members are eligible to enter, whether you're a large NGO, a small community group or an individual.

We anticipate a diverse range of members – large and small – will receive awards and the judging panel will recognise that smaller organisations and individuals might have less resource and capacity to produce videos.

Don't worry if you’re unsure or not confident about updating your profile. It is very easy and intuitive, and you can follow our online guidance notes if you need some help. Our set of Frequently Asked Questions will also assist you.

If you get completely stuck, just contact awards(at)scotland-malawipartnership.org and we can provide hands-on training, support and guidance. We want to make it as easy as possible for members to tell their story and get involved. So get online and get updating!

Given Member Profiles are public, following UK legislation, this interface is only open to members 18 and over.  We encourage members under 18 to apply through their school but if this is not possible contact Gemma our Youth and Schools Officer and we will ensure you can enter.

What you will win

Winners will receive their Award from HRH The Princess Royal, will be photographed with the Princess, and will be able to use the 2019 SMP Member Award branding on any publicity materials.  They will also be profiled on the SMP website and across the SMP’s social media channels and will be included in national press work.

Crucially, the SMP will also work to promote ALL those who enter the Member Awards, using digital and mainstream media to raise awareness of their partnerships.  Details of all applicants’ work will be given to the Princess in a special commemorative book at the event and all SMP members will be invited to the ceremony.  We will also produce promotional and networking posters for all those who enter, for use at the 5th October AGM. 

How you win

The judging panel will look to award inspiring Scotland-Malawi links which: 

  • Have positive impact in both Malawi and Scotland
  • Work within the SMP’s 11 Partnership Principles
  • Inspire others to get involved
  • Are dignified, outward-looking, diverse and inclusive
  • Are pro-active in sharing their work and getting the word out

The more engaging, informative and inspiring members make their web profile, the better the chance of success. This could include some or all of:

  • Clear written information about your link and an inspiring 50 word quote about the impact you see
  • Information about how many are involved and benefit, and what the total inputs are (this data then automatically feeds into national research by the University of Edinburgh)
  • An attractive banner photo, profile image or logo and partnership photos
  • A short video about your partnership
  • A key document or two, giving information about your work
  • Links to your partnership’s social media accounts
  • Show where you are working in Scotland and Malawi on the online map
  • Taking the ‘Partnership Principles’ self-assessment
  • Taking part in discussions and sharing your experience in the SMP’s online forums
  • Sharing which local authorities/districts you are working in, and which Sustainable Development Goals you are working towards

We are looking for members to tell their story through their member profile how they wish.  Winners do not have to have to do all the above; they do not have to include a video or have social media accounts.  We recognise some members have greater resource than others. 

We’re looking for an inspiring energy, dignified partnerships and people-to-people stories to inspire a nation!

 For more information, see:

Still need help?

For any enquiries about the 2019 Member Awards email awards(at)scotland-malawipartnership.org.