SMP addresses Parliamentary Committee

13 January 2022

The Committee published its Inquiry report on the 6th April 2022. Read it here.

On 13th January, the Scotland Malawi Partnership, with colleagues at the Alliance and Glasgow Caledonia University, gave evidence in the first session of 2022 of the Scottish Parliament’s Constitution, Europe, External Affairs and Culture Committee.

Watch the session in full here, or click the video below.
Read the transcript here.

Read the SMP and others’ written submission here.

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This session was part of the Committee’s Inquiry into the Scottish Government’s international work which invited submissions, including on:

  • What should the priorities of the Scottish Government be in developing its external affairs work and overseas presence, including its international development policy?
  • Does the Scottish Government’s budget for external affairs deliver value for money? Please elaborate.
  • What principles should inform the Scottish Government’s international engagement (e.g. economic, democratic, human rights, climate change or cultural / ‘soft power’ priorities)?
  • And should that engagement be based on geographical or policy focus? Please elaborate.
  • How do the Scottish Government’s EU and international policies interact with UK foreign and diplomatic policy in these areas?

The Partnership commends successive Scottish Governments for their strong commitment to Malawi, including supporting the coordination, representation and support of wider Scotland-Malawi civic links through the SMP and our sister network MaSP. We specifically applaud this current administration for pledging to increase the international development budget by 50% and the Climate Justice Fund by 100%, at a time when others in the UK are reneging on their promises to the developing world.

Representing our members, in this evidence session we offer specific reflections and recommendations to further strengthen the Scottish Government’s excellent work, in response to questions from this parliamentary Committee.

Watch the SMP’s responses to specific questions:

Q: Maurice Golden MSP: Is Scotland’s credibility on climate justice in jeopardy for missing three annual emissions targets?

Q: Donald Cameron MSP: Is the Scottish Government’s international office network in the right place, noting the longstanding commitment to Malawi?

Q: Dr Alasdair Allan MSP: Has the Scottish Government succeeded in mainstreaming international development awareness and engagement across different government departments?

Q: Dr Alasdair Allan MSP: Has our undestanding of climate justice developed since COP26 and the Scottish Government’s international development review?

Q: Mark Ruskell MSP: How can the Scottish Government best evaluate small grants?

Q: Jenni Minto MSP: What is the “distinctively Scottish” appraoch to international development?

Q: Sarah Boyack MSP: How do we get most value, and how do we measure that value, from existing funds?

Q: Sarah Boyack MSP: Can you say a bit more about how having a wider approach, engaging civic society, could have maximum impact?