Scotland Malawi Partnership - What does race & equality mean to you?

15 March 2021

Ages 15-18 years

Ages 15-18 years

Listen to a podcast clip about how issues of race and equality have affected the life of Muthi. Navigating his personal experience of latent racism, Muthi tells his story of growing up in Malawi, where he struggles with a belief that ‘blacks can’t be racist’.

Follow one or all of three routes to reflective discussion, promoting listening and understanding. Using the questions provided, encourage learners to have their own thoughts about racism, as well as considering those around them, and even wider society in Scotland. Finally, we ask your class or group to think ahead to what they feel could assist these issues to move in a positive direction.

Key messages:

  • Promoting listening and understanding of those from a different background
  • Reflection on how race and equality can affect you and your own community
  • Critical thinking about how we could make change for the better in Scotland

Please read the presentation available here. We would love if you could submit your feedback when you're done. A printable version of the form is available if you'd like to hand this out to your pupils.

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