Our Vision & Mission

09 June 2023

As part of our commitment to Good Governance, the Scotland Malawi Partnership’s Board regularly reviews and updates key SMP policies and procedures. Following reflection on our Vision and Mission, SMP Trustees have updated this in a succinct statement. Particular thanks are due to SMP Co-Vice Chair, Susan Dalgety for her leadership in this work and to all Trustees who contributed. As ever, we welcome all comments and questions from SMP members. Our updated Vision and Mission can be found below.

Our Vision

To inspire and support Scottish society to work in solidarity with the people of Malawi in an informed, co-ordinated, and equitable way – ever mindful of the legacy of colonial rule - for the benefit of both nations.

Our Mission

  • Embrace a just approach to global development, promoting mutually beneficial civil society
    partnerships to help address the primary challenges facing Malaw
  • Develop the SMP as an inclusive national network, in which all feel welcome to contribute,
    including diaspora communities and under-represented groups
  • Encourage and support children and young people to play a full role in the partnership
    between our two nations so that they can deepen and expand it for the future.
  • Develop practical and sustainable solutions that will have a positive impact on Malawi
    society, through our own activity and by influencing the policies and actions of governments
    and institutions.
  • Support our members and Scottish civil society to gain a deeper understanding of Malawi’s
    development priorities and policies and how they can work in support of these
  • Act as a forum for encouraging best practice through sharing information and reciprocal
    learning and the provision of relevant training
  • Better understand and constructively challenge the power imbalance which exists between
    our two nations, and advance our cultural, political and economic understanding
  • Work with our sister network in Malawi, the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) to
    optimise our collective impact
  • Demonstrate the relevance of Scotland’s civil society contribution to the attainment of the
    Government of Malawi’s ‘Vision 2063’ and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
Our work is underpinned by our Partnership Principles and guided by our core values of mutual respect and solidarity.