Launch of Umunthu: new Malawi diaspora funeral scheme

01 September 2020

We welcome news from our friends in the Malawi diaspora that a new funeral scheme is being launched, specifically for the Malawian diaspora in the UK and Europe.

The Umunthu funeral scheme has been registered in the UK by members of the Malawian community to provide financial support in the event of death of a member, or their beneficiaries in Europe and Malawi. The scheme has been registered under company number 12781878.

We understand a launch information event is taking place at 13.00, on the 5th September 2020 on Zoom and Facebook live. Click here for details.

Umunthu aims to: “ensure that the remains of loved ones are laid to rest in a dignified manner and, as such, ease the financial stress and burden on the family, to allow them to bid their farewell and grieve in a dignified manner. The Executive team will lead in the response to provide financial support to bereaved families during the death of loved ones.”

Umunthu’s stated philosophy, is that they believe:

· “No Malawian in the UK should struggle financially following the loss of their loved one.”

· “Transparency is key to what we do, as such, have implemented robust best practice processes and systems to offer assurance to our members.”

· “Inclusivity and unity of all Malawians comes first, regardless of tribe, language, region, political affiliations, religion or creed – all members have equal rights and benefits.”

· “Respect is the basis of celebration of all life and departed loved ones.”

Umunthu is not part of the Scotland Malawi Partnership. The SMP does not give financial advice and cannot recommend any particular financial product, system or service.

However, we are happy to welcome and promote this new company as we recognise there is much need for this service: there have been a number of instances where after sad bereavements within the diaspora community there is urgent, and sometimes difficult, fundraising to repatriate the individual to Malawi.

We understand that Umunthu is led by a number of leaders across Malawi diaspora communities, around the UK, including in Scotland.

Learn more at:

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