Dozens of MSPs come out to support the SMP & the SDGs

27 October 2022

This week the Scotland Malawi Partnership has been encamped in the very heart of the Scottish Parliament and we have been overwhelmed with support from MSPs across all five Holyrood political parties.

To mark the mid-way point in the delivery of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and following the success of the SMP-brokered Samson Kambalu statue loan to the Scottish Parliament, the SMP returned to Holyrood for a three-day exhibition just outside the main chamber.

The SMP developed a major pop-up exhibition to mark the start of the SDGs, with 17 banners, each telling the story of Scotland-Malawi cooperation by one of our members in a specific Global Goal. We took the exhibition to Holyrood then and have been invited back at the half-way point of the SDGs, to remind MSPs of the importance of delivering these 17 Goals, both in Scotland and through our international development partnerships abroad.

This week we have met with dozens of MSPs, from each of the five political parties, with each MSP choosing one SDG they commit to helping champion in Parliament and recording a short video for us outlining this commitment. We also used the opportunity to give all MSPs personal briefings on our members’ work in their own constituency or region.

It has been hugely inspiring to see the scale and depth of continuing all-party support for the SMP and our members’ work.

Click here to find videos from the MSP's on our YouTube channel here.

Read Scotsman article about the SMP exhibition.

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