Water scarcity and risks to Agriculture: A Roundtable Discussion with the Minister for Agriculture Irrigation and Water Development

11 Jul 2018

With the Scottish Government and the University of Strathclyde, we hosted a round-table meeting for members to meet a senior water delegation from the Malawian Government and Parliament on water scarcity and risks to agriculture. 

Senior water delegates included: 

1. Hon Joseph Mathyola Nakari Mwanamvekha, Minister Agriculture Irrigation and Water Development

2. Hon John Alfred John Chikalimba MP Zomba (opposition party, PP and VC of Budget and Finance Committee)

3. Wadi Chitimbe, Principal Administrative Officer, Ministry AIWD

4. Emma Mary Mbalame, Director Water Supply Ministry AIWD

5. Prince Wellington Charles Mleta, Acting Director Water Resources Ministry AIWD

6. Oswald Kabalilo Mwamsamali, National Water Resources Authority

The meeting focused on the water scarcity and associate risks to agriculture in Malawi. Members attending had the chance to listen to the priorities of Government and Parliament in this area.

We hope that this was a useful meeting for members active in this area, and another good opportunity to share information and explore collaboration and coordination of effort. 

Read the Minutes from the meeting here!