Welcome to MaSP’s new Chief Executive Officer, Ms Stella Masangano!

18 Feb 2021
Stella  PNG.png

We are delighted to welcome to the ‘Scotland-Malawi family’ MaSP’s new Chief Executive Officer, Ms Stella Masangano! Following an open, transparent and competitive recruitment process, Stella was appointed by MaSP’s Board of Directors on January 18th. She brings to the role decades of experience, with a strong track record in international trade, project management and resource mobilisation. Prior to joining MaSP, Stella’s work in senior positions focused on the development of sustainability strategies, communication, social programmes and regulatory issues on major international projects.

Stella said: “I’m beaming with excitement to be part of a large network that shares values to advance international development. I believe prosperity at any level – be it economic, social, civic and cultural depends on teams that champions free enterprises, are highly willing to help others to participate in it and that’s what MaSP is grounded on.

I join during the global pandemic of COVID which has crippled many enterprises in different countries in different ways, this is a huge setback, but I encourage the membership to view this as an opportunity for improvement and sharing of expertise.

This is the time to explore how best we can execute trade deals, we need to position ourselves for mutual benefits”.