The Thompson Scholarship Fund

6 Aug 2018
Scholarship Flyer FRONT V7.jpg

In recognition of the lifetime work of Jack and Phyllis Thompson in Malawi and Scotland and their lifelong contribution to education in Malawi, we're pleased to launch the Thompson Scholarship Fund.

The scholarship fund will be managed by the Mamie Martin Fund which has been working with the Synod of Livingstonia for 25 years and of which Jack and Phyllis were supporters in many ways.

Both Jack and Phyllis continued to support education in Malawi throughout their lives and were acutely aware of the need for financial support to girls and young women at secondary school and university.

Any funding which directly enables girls to stay at school makes a difference to their lives, the lives of their present and future families and, we all hope, to the Nation.

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Cheque donations welcome and payable to Mamie Martin Fund, 6 Dewar Street, Dollar, FK14 7EP