SMP Member, Mamie Martin Fund launch #Bike2Malawi

23 Feb 2021

SMP Member, The Mamie Martin Fund have launched a fantastic new initiative -  #Bike2Malawi which will run between the 3rd of June and 3rd of August.

#Bike2Malawi will see a collective, virtual bike ride stretching the distance between Scotland and Malawi, to support and raise funds for girls education in Malawi. 

Find full details below, directly from The Mamie Martin Fund:


This year's adventure is part of our celebrations of the centenary of the marriage of Mamie and Jack Martin and their journey to Malawi.

  • Collectively we'll follow their route - see the map below and on our webpage
  • Yes, we CAN cycle on water
  • We'll count our cycling distances between 3rd June and 3rd August
  • You'll log your miles or kms on a form on the webpage from 3rd June
  • It's free to register and you must do that but there's no hurry yet
  • Mostly you'll do this on your own or with family/friends but we will have some 'Group Rides' available - see below.



Group Rides

As well as the overall Bike2Malawi project where people will contribute their distances to help us to reach our target, there will be some organised Group Rides onto which you can book separately. More may be added over the coming months.

If you register on one of the official Group Rides, you are automatically part of the Bike2Malawi and we would appreciate your contribution of other miles/kms via the webpage - there will be a form there from 3rd June. The miles/kms done on the Group Ride count too, of course.

We are delighted to have some other Scotland-Malawi organisations involved in Bike2Malawi. Watch this space for news of our collaborative rides. We need all the help we can get to do the distance within two months. We also like engaging with similar organisations - everyone wins.

Social Media/ Publicity

Our social media accounts are 

We are using the hashtags #Bike2Malawi #GirlsEducation #Malawi

Please make as much noise on social media as you can/wish - it all helps to let people know about our work. Let us know if you have a blog or other place where you are talking about #Bike2Malawi and we will support it through our own social media channels.

For full details visit our website here.