Youth Event Competition 2019 winners announced

17 Apr 2019
Penicuik High School

The Scotland Malawi Partnership is pleased to announce the three lucky winners of the 2019 Youth Event Competition, supported by the National Lottery Year of Young People fund!

The competition was launched by the SMP Youth Committee at the Youth Congress held in Edinburgh in February.

Those entering had the chance to win up to £500 and support from the SMP Youth Committee for their event. Entrants were all youth members of the SMP and would be actively involved in organising the event.

The Youth Committee picked the winners on the merits of their mood-board entries, showing the themes for the events alongside their plans for how to advertise it, who to invite, and how it would include youth voices from their community and their partners in Malawi.

Each entry showed how links to Malawi could be celebrated, and the Youth Committee loved the breadth of ideas put forward.

The first winners are the Malawi Committee from St Roch’s Secondary School in Glasgow, who are planning a Malawi Day in their school.

Activities planned for the day include music, food, presentations, quizzes and blether stations where people can talk about all things Malawi and Scotland! They are also planning to include the wider local community by inviting them into the school to find out more about the link.

The second winners are the Malawi group from Beath High School in Fife. They will be hosting a Malawi Food Day in school and will be inviting teachers and pupils, plus council members and the local community into the school to take part.

The Beath entry included an impressive list of Malawian food as well as a plan on how to use food as a way to tell people a bit more about Malawian culture and Beath High School’s link to the country.

The third and final winners are a group of medical students from the University of Dundee who are planning to use the beautiful garden and leaf room in the grounds of Ninewells Hospital and Medical School to hold an event which will showcase some of the food, music and culture of Malawi. The team of students will invite pupils from local primary schools to take part in the event and will prepare a new ‘Malawi’ garden.

Catriona Grant, a medical student who applied for the group from the University of Dundee, said: “Winning the competition is so exciting because it gives us a great opportunity to hear the voices of young people as we share the cultures of our two communities. We are so keen to have an event where we can share our experiences and see how we can grow our wonderful partnership."

The SMP Youth Committee is incredibly excited to start working with these groups to make their events as memorable and successful as possible!