Public Reform in Malawi

3 Feb 2016
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On the 25th January the SMP met with the visiting joint delegation from Malawi Parliamentary Committee on Government Assurances and Public Sector Reforms, and the Malawi Government's Directorate for Public Sector Reforms.

This joint study visit was hastily re-scheduled after having previously been cancelled in November 2015.   

With the Malawi Hon. Consul and SMP-member Gerhard Anders, the SMP discussed the public reform process in Malawi with the four visiting Malawian MPs (PP, MCP and DPP) and two civil servants from the Government of Malawi.  The SMP is keen to support this public reform process and is exploring areas of joint-working, two-way sharing and mutual support. Arising from these discussions, the SMP has made a formal request of the Electoral Commission in Scotland that a small delegation from Malawi Electoral Commission and Malawi civic society visits Scotland in May to act as official election observers, as part of wider process of shared learning and cooperation. 

Dr Gerhard Anders has recently been awarded funding for a two-year research project from the British Academy and DfID. Part of the Anti-Corruption Evidence (ACE) Programme, this research project aims to enhance the development of more effective policies and interventions, improving service delivery and levels of integrity in developing countries.  

The Public Reform process in Malawi will be discussed at the next meeting of the SMP's Governance Forum (details to follow), which will include a presentation from Gerhard after he returns from his first Malawi research trip as part of this project.  We value all member input as always.