Partnerships in Practice: Dunblane Soccer Club and Ekwaiweni Tafika Sports Academy

16 Dec 2020

Dunblane Soccer club plan to raise funds to send a range of football gear to Ekwaiweni Tafika Sports Academy in Malawi, with any left over funds being donated directly to the Academy to support their fantastic work. 

Tafika Sports Academy have focussed on inclusive sport based initiatives since 1999. Their activities promote positive lifestyle choices and responsible behaviour, in keeping with the Tafika Youth Academy Learners ‘to play for the sake of playing’, irrespective of region, district, creed, age, gender, ability or disability. They currently work with 172 schools and have plans to seriously increase this, reaching more of the, roughly, 1,400 schools in Northern Malawi.

They offer football, netball, rugby, basketball and volleyball sessions and have plans to increase the range of sports on offer in the future. 

The academy has supplied boys to the Under 17 national team and currently has 5 boys playing in the Malawian Super League (SULOM). Girls have also been supplied to the National u-20 netball side, who now hold second place in the league.