Fair Trade Scotland launches Mzuzu coffee

22 Mar 2018
fair trade mark.png

Fair Trade Scotland is announcing the launch of their FIRST 500 campaign with Mzuzu Coffee. The campaign aims to bring Mzuzu Coffee’s single origin, 100% organic coffee in its distinct gold packaging to the UK market.

Fair Trade Scotland, recently titled as a Fair Trade Guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organisation, is looking for the first 500 of their supporters who can make the commitment to be responsible consumers and purchase a bag of Mzuzu Gold Standard Coffee. The first 500 will receive their coffee as a specialty on the market.

This structure gives the producer the ability to build capacity at their own pace—directly connecting consumer to producer—and contributes to sustainable economic development.

To commit to purchase your Mzuzu Gold Standard Coffee, please email: Eve.broadis(at)fairtradescotland.co.uk with FIRST 500 in the subject line – and your email address. Your name will then be added to the database and you will be kept informed of the next stage.