Health Forum

31 Mar 2020


Time: 02.30 pm – 5 pm

Date: Tuesday 31st March, 2020

Location: Edinburgh City Chambers, 253 High Street, EH1 1YJ


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About the meeting:

The SMP’s Health Forum brings together those in Scotland involved with health links with Malawi to share insights, lessons learned offers of and requests for support.

As well as contributions from a variety of speakers and updates from participants, the Health Forum provides time for discussion and questions with the strategic aims of helping to:

  • Raise awareness of Scottish Government-funded and all health projects in Malawi with a Scottish connection
  • Facilitate connectivity and promote collaboration between Malawi and Scotland’s Health practitioners, particularly in sharing insights as to lessons learned
  • Identify tangible actions to enhance the work of project grantees and SMP members

The Health Forum is composed of: medical practitioners; SMP Members and their Malawian partners; interested citizens; students; those with an interest in Scotland and Malawi relations; Scottish Government and other grantees; health sector and international development actors and members of the Scottish Government. All are welcome.


Confirmed Speakers:

Professor James Garden CBE, Director, Edinburgh Surgery Online

The University of Edinburgh online masters programmes directly impacts SDG3 (Good Health and Well-being) and SDG4 (Quality Education) by providing surgeons with world-class training in surgical specialties. By using online learning as the mode of delivery, they are directly combating the brain drain of skilled surgeons from these regions, increasing the number of surgeons on the ground while also increasing their ability to treat effectively conditions needing surgical intervention. This is evidenced by their Malawi experience where the masters programmes have now supported more surgical trainees than there are currently qualified, independently practising, consultant general surgeons in the country.

SMP Profile

Professor Tim Eden, Founding Trustee, World Child Cancer

Founding medical trustee of World Child Cancer which links hospitals in high income countries with those in Low -middle ones to improve the care and survival of children with cancer. Their first project was to link hospitals in the UK and the Netherlands with Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Blantyre Malawi in 2009 and they are still working to expand this intervention.

SMP Profile

Mr Praise & Mrs Rose Ijalasi, partners of the Kerusso Trust

Visiting from Malawi, partners of SMP Member, the Kerusso Trust. Representing J-Life Ministries, Praise is responsible for community relief and development work in Blantyre West Rural. This includes a feeding programme for about 30,000 children, HIV support groups, involvement with UK volunteers in Malawi in epilepsy awareness training and nurse-led practice in rural communities. They are also involved in advocacy for child-headed families and widows, sustainable agriculture training, and church and community leader training.

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