Support Malawi at the Africa Cup of Nations 2022

We’re delighted to share here a personal message from Dr Peter West, Malawi Hon. Consul to Scotland (and informal SMP football correspondent!).

“The calendar of upcoming events in the latest bulletin from the SMP omits the date which probably means most to the majority of Malawians: Monday 10th January. On that day at 1800 in Malawi, the Malawi national men’s team, the Flames, takes the field against Guinea in their opening game of the Africa Cup of Nations.

“Malawi has only qualified twice previously for the finals, in 1984 and 2010. On the latter occasion, Scottish and Malawian supporters in Flames strips, Malawi flags and 10 Malawi scarves (obtained by me from the Zomba market) gathered in a Glasgow pub to cheer them on. I had hoped to organise something similar this year until Omicrom arrived. Sky Sports is showing this and indeed all the games in the cup.

“The Flames are currently ranked 129 in the world. They must play Guinea (81), Zimbabwe (121) on 14th January and finally Senegal (20) who are one of the three top favourites to win the cup, on 18th January. But the Flames beat Uganda, currently 84 in the rankings, to qualify so hope springs eternal.

“So, in mid-January let us all join millions of Malawians in solidarity with Malawi Motoo.”

The SMP encourages members and partners take up Peter’s call and join remotely in supporting Malawi on the 10th January 2022. We will endeavour to be sharing updates from the game on social media.

Game time, Malawi - 1800, Scotland - 1600.

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