SMP Language and Culture Workshops 2018

The Scotland Malawi Partnership is pleased once again to be hosting a series of language workshops for its members and interested stakeholders.

The Scotland Malawi Partnership was pleased once again to have hosted a series of language workshops for its members and interested stakeholders. Participants were invited to attend three evenings covering basic Chichewa and aspects of the Malawian culture.

The workshops were designed to:

  • Introduce basic conversational and grammatical examples, and key phrases
  • Build on cultural awareness (e.g important historical stories, ceremonies, body language, cultural sensitivities, etc)
  • Develop the confidence of Scottish partners to communicate at an introductory level with their Malawian counterparts

When asked to provide feedback about the course, one of the attendees said: 'I I will be able to use the materials to practise and use the language when I go to Malawi. I feel more confident about not making cultural faux pas'. When asked about the workshops delivery another participant added: 'Very friendly teacher and a great introduction to Malawian culture and Chichewa'. When thinking about the workshop impact on our participants' future use of the language content, one participant shared: 'I feel that I will be able to progress with speaking Chichewa so that next time I go to Malawi I will enjoy being able to speak to people in their own language.'

We would like to thank tutors and workshop participants for creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and enjoying each other's company while learning the language and embracing Malawian culture.

Dates and times

Edinburgh Language Classes:

Venue: Mandela Room, Edinburgh City Chambers

Time: 5.30pm – 8.00pm

Dates: 24th May, 31st May and 7th June 2018

Glasgow Language Classes:

Venue: Graham Hills Building (Room 702), The University of Strathclyde

Time: 5.30pm – 8.00pm

Dates: 22nd May, 29th May and 5th June 2018