Scottish Parliament Malawi CPG: Malawi's Youth Voice on Climate

All those interested in Scotland-Malawi climate cooperation are invited to join the next (Zoom) meeting of the Scottish Parliament's Malawi Cross Party Group, which will be listening to Malawi's youth voice on climate activism.

Scottish Parliament Malawi CPG: Malawi’s Youth Voice on Climate

On Wednesday 18th November, the Scottish Parliament Cross Party Group on Malawi held a meeting on Malawi's Youth Voice on Climate.

A full video of the meeting can be found at the bottom of this page or viewed on YouTube here. Please see the description on YouTube for timestamps which will enable you to select sections of the video you would like to re watch.

The meeting featured a number of speakers in Malawi and Scotland involved in the Scottish Government-funded 2050 Climate Group, which supports the ambition, innovation and passion of young people in Malawi to be catalysts of change towards a sustainable, low carbon and climate resilient future.

Speakers included MaSP Project Coordinator Hendricks Nkhata and Climate Leaders Temwani Kaponda and Edward Msiska. Temwani is a student at the University of Malawi studying Electronics and Computer Engineering. She is based in the Rumphi District and has been working with a particular interest in energy sources and waste management. Edward is Co-Founder and Director of Youth Action for Success and Development based in Lilongwe. Some of the key environmental issues his community faces are deforestation, poor waste management and pollution, and he is implementing innovative solutions to address these.

This meeting followed the call from the President of Malawi in the SMP’s AGM to: “ignite a movement of climate change activists amongst our peoples, to capture the imagination of Malawian youths.”

The meeting also included an update from the SMP the consultation regardingn the Scottish Government's International Development Review.

We were delighted that over 75% of the attendees of this Scottish Parliament meeting were Malawians joining from Malawi. We continue to be inspired by the opportunities that digital meetings have to ensure we are listening to, and led by, a range of different Malawian voices.

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