The Malawi APPG was formally reconstituted on the 17th June 2021.

The meeting was attended by: Patrick Grady MP [SNP], Allan Dorans MP [SNP], Marion Fellows MP [SNP], Brendan O’Hara MP [SNP], Lord Jack McConnell [Lab], Emma Armstrong [Westminster Foundation for Democracy], Kirsty Blackman MP [SNP], Ian Murray MP [Lab], Chris Law MP [SNP], Brendan O’Hara MP [SNP], Alison Thewliss MP [SNP], Alistair Kidd [on behalf of Steven Bonnar MP], Dovydas [on behalf of Margaret Ferrier MP], Catriona MacDonald, Tamika McAuley-Christopher [Commonwealth Parliamentary Association] and David Hope-Jones [Scotland Malawi Partnership]

Apologies were received from: Philippa Whitford MP [SNP], Douglas Ross MP [Cons], Deidre Brock MP [SNP], Anne McLaughlin MP [SNP], David Mundell MP [Cons], Richard Thomson MP [SNP], Jim Shannon MP [DUP], Douglas Chapman MP [SNP], Alyn Smith MP, John Lamont MP [Cons], David Duguid MP [Cons], Stewart M. McDonald MP [SNP], Peter Grant MP [SNP], Ronnie Cowan MP [SNP], Lord Colin Moynihan [Cons] and Wendy Chamberlain MP [Lib Dems].

CLICK HERE to learn more about the UK Parliament’s Malawi All-Party Parliamentary Group and the SMP’s role as Secretariat.


The following office bearers were elected at the 17th June 2021 AGM of the Group:

Chair & Registered Contact:
Patrick Grady MP (Scottish National Party)

Honorary President: Lord Jack McConnell of Glenscorrodale (Labour)

Co-Vice Chair: Rt Hon David Mundell MP (Conservative)

Co-Vice Chair: Wendy Chamberlain MP (Liberal Democrat)

Co-Vice Chair: Jim Shannon MP (Democratic Unionist Party)

Co-Vice Chair: Anne McLaughlin MP (Scottish National Party)

Co-Vice Chair: Chris Law MP (Scottish National Party)

Co-Vice Chair: Margaret Ferrier MP (Independent)

Secretariat: David Hope-Jones OBE (Scotland Malawi Partnership)

Priorities for the Group:

At the Group’s June 2021 AGM, it was agreed that in the coming 12 months the Group would look to advance some or all of the below items of business:

  • Conduct a mini-inquiry into the impact of (a) the Integrated Review and the merging of DFID with the FCO, and (b) the decision by HMG to cut ODA expenditure from 0.7% of GNI to 0.5%.
  • Assess the continuing impact of Covid-19 on Malawi and the country’s vaccination programme.
  • Support Malawi’s representation at COP26.
  • Strengthen links with the Malawi National Assembly, building on last year’s visit of the Speaker and Deputy Speakers.
  • Continue links with the Holyrood Malawi Cross Party Group.
  • Meet with HMG’s Minister for Africa.
  • Meet with the Scottish Government’s Minister for International Development to discuss the Scottish Government’s new international development strategy.
  • Meet with the Moderator of the Church of Scotland if his planned visit to Malawi is able to go ahead.

Members involved in this event include